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Mosquito MK4 Mul 4aca5cf2103fdThe new Mosquito MK4 Multi-Age now has two functions. Either set the device to 17KHz to disperse groups of troublesome teenagers OR set it to 8 KHz to disperse people of any age from areas where loitering can be an issue such as subway terminals, car parks or any areas where people feel insecure at night due to other people loitering in the shadows etc.


  • Both tones usually take effect within a few minutes
  • Can be activated by timer, remote control or PIR
  • 20 minute Auto cut-off



  • Increased maximum range to 40 meters (130 feet)
  • 2 frequency settings, one for kids and one that will annoy people of any age
  • 4 step volume selection
  • Audible beep on/off
  • 20 minute auto cut-off
  • Additional chipset for continuous running available for specific applications
  • Built-in PIR activation timer control

$1150.00 US

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